Corporate Video: How Does It Work?

About why corporate video production has become a demand of time, but many do not notice

- We want to offer an effective tool.

To solve the problems facing your company

Namely, the creation of a corporate video.

- Thank you, but we are not interested.

The effectiveness of corporate video production, which is obvious to companies constantly using this tool for development, unfortunately, is not always clear to those who have very vague ideas about this area.

In our practice, we occasionally encounter the same objections that come down to a common denominator - the lack of a clear understanding of what corporate video is and how it works.

About 80% of companies do not understand all the possibilities of corporate cinema, therefore, they lose time and money

So what is a corporate video?

If you give a simple definition of the term "corporate video production", then this is a film about a particular company, which tells about the areas of its activity, distinctive features, significant events and achievements.

Corporate video should be created to solve a specific problem facing the company. And depending on the task, the format and genre are chosen - it can be a presentation or training film , an image or reporting video , a film for partners, an instruction film and so on (for more details on genres, see the article ....).

Naturally, a potential Customer has a question: “What tasks of my company can be solved by a corporate video?”

Each stage of the company's development has its own range of tasks and goals. At the initial stage, it is important to loudly declare oneself, form an image and earn trust, attract the attention of potential customers and partners, launch sales of goods or services, recruit a team that will share company values, and train staff.

And then the most important thing happens - you need to be able to preserve what was obtained at the initial stage of development, strengthen the advantages and level out weaknesses, expand the circle of partners and the number of clients, motivate employees and increase performance.

All this can be done with the help of corporate video, the main thing is to correctly understand the task and pose the problem. Without a problem that needs to be solved, it makes no sense to create a video.

According to Garther, corporate cinema this year will enter the top ten areas for brand development, and in a year 25% of profits will be provided by video

"Why exactly corporate video, and not, say, advertising on television or on the Internet?”, - the incredulous interlocutor will object.

Of course, corporate video will not replace the publication in the media. But people tend to trust more not what they hear or read, but what they see. To see the employees and the management of the company, to see how the goods are manufactured or services are performed, to see and to draw conclusions about the company's advantages - this is the opportunity provided by corporate video.

Of course, corporate video will not replace the plot on television, but TV has limitations in time and style of presenting information, and journalists themselves are often inclined to distort the facts. And if you compare the quality of the image, the work of the operator and the scenario finds in the usual TV-plot and high-quality corporate film - we are sure that you will feel the difference.

Posted on October 24, 2018 at 01:32 PM