JQuery Plugins Ideal for Beginner Developers

The jQuery plugins have different purposes. Some allow you to create basic elements and have a single function, while others can have different configurations and options. But there is no doubt that all of them are very useful resources in any web development project. Thanks to the jQuery plugins, developers can add functions and elements to their websites quickly and easily, saving time that they can use to perform more thorough tests or for any other essential task in the project.

The jQuery plugins are also useful for beginner developers because they allow them to add a series of functions to their website without the need for advanced configuration. In this article we have considered jQuery plugins that can be used in just a couple of steps and are ideal for beginner developers.


Chosen is a library that allows to improve the functionality of fields that use drop-down menus. It has options for both single and multiple selections. You can install this plugin using Bower or npm.


Spin.js is a plugin that allows you to create circular loading animations , very useful elements to indicate to the user when a page or application is being loaded. Spin.js can be configured through various parameters, you can check the configuration level on the download page.

Spin.js works in the most popular browsers, does not have dependencies or makes use of external CSS or additional images. It is a plugin that can be used as a replacement for animated GIFs created with AJAX.


Pickadate.js is a useful calendar where you can select date and time . The user, by clicking on the field of the form, accesses a small window where you can select date or time as appropriate. You can customize the displayed time intervals, edit the year, month, etc.

Pickadate.js is a lightweight jQuery plugin with responsive design. It has an API that allows you to further extend its functionality.


Noty is a jQuery plugin that allows you to create alerts and notifications of all kinds either to inform the user of an error, make a warning or send confirmation messages. Each notification can be added to a queue. You can also select the position of the notifications that will be displayed whether you want to place them in the center or align them in a lower corner. There are 11 different positions where you can align notifications.

Noty has an API where you can modify the text, control animations, speed, as well as buttons.


Sticky is a jQuery plugin that allows you to set items on your website in such a way that they always remain visible regardless of whether the user moves down. It is a feature that is often seen in the main menu of a website, but could be applied to any other element that seems important to you.

With Sticky you can apply this effect to any element and decide the position where you want the object to be placed.

Posted on July 31, 2018 at 01:31 PM