SEO Guide for Web Page Designers and Developers

Although the SEO of Web pages is key to appear on Web search engines like Google, many designing and developers do not know where to start or what to consider.

The optimization of web pages for search engines on the Internet , known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), to facilitate indexing in search results, both Google and other Web search engines, has become a duty of everyone who makes life in this medium. Even though many SEO developers and specialists are dedicated to this task, many others still do not know where to start or what to take into account.

I understand, it is a conversion process that has taken place in a very short time. Until very recently, talking about SEO was something relatively new and today is the daily bread.

Undoubtedly, we need a change of mentality, we need to adopt practices that allow Web developments on the Internet to be optimized in SEO , even from the conception of the project; SEO optimization must begin before you start designing the Web page .

With this guide I want to present you the most important aspects of optimization from the point of view of the work you do as a developer of Web pages.

SEO guide for web page designers and developers

Start thinking by focusing on optimization

Change your way of viewing the development of the website and accept SEO as a further requirement, as if the success of your work depended on it. You'll see later, many of the SEO points that I'm going to mention, are better if you think about optimizing the Web even before you start designing it.

Domain name planning and secure protocol

Although, it is not your decision to name the page, you can suggest that the name of the domain be analyzed. Why? Basically because today it is preferred that the search engine has no excuse for not indexing a Web.

A domain name that includes the keyword or niche for which you want to index the page is much more effective than the name of the brand / company. Once again, it is not your decision, but you can always suggest it.

With respect to the secure protocol (HTTPS), it passes as with the name: it is not your decision, but it is your duty to alert who has hired you to develop the Web project.

Lately, search engines like Google have insisted a lot on the use of the protocol in benefit of the SEO of the Web page . Furthermore, adopting the protocol before starting development is much more practical than having to migrate the site from one protocol to the other after having created it.

Believe me when I say that, although it may seem easy, migrating from one protocol to another, especially in very large sites, is a delicate job that involves changes in databases, redirects and others.

You must include in your pending list the request for SSL security certificates to be able to implement this type of protocols.

Design planning oriented to mobile devices

You know that today Internet users prefer mobile devices to perform their searches, this is what has led to design Web pages based on this trend.

It is an important point for the optimization, since the search engines take into account the adaptability of the sites to position the Web pages in their list of results. That is why we commented a long time ago that the website of any company should be responsive .

As I said from the beginning, these are aspects that should be evaluated from the beginning, you can not develop a Web project and then think of the mobile version.

We all know the conditions for the Web page to comply with the premises of mobile design, but it never hurts to remind you that: The mobile version of the website must meet the usability expectations and favor the good user experience. A clean interface and a good sizing and proportion of the elements on the page mark the right path for the development of the mobile version.

Posted on July 31, 2018 at 01:29 PM