What is the Design of Services and How does it help the UX?

What is the design of services

The design of services, according to Nielsen Norman Group, is the act of " designing, aligning and optimizing the operations of an organization to support the navigation of customers ". In other words: have the necessary tools for the information to flow properly and, both customers and companies, get the maximum benefit .

Service design phases

This service design plan is not exclusive to eCommerce, but they are the only ones that we are going to deal with here. So, what do I need to be able to start designing it?

Tools needed

The first thing that is needed is, how can it be otherwise, having our eCommerce well configured and optimized . We can not miss a click counter, that is, a tool that measures the number of users that enter our website and, once inside, where they click. To provide a better user experience, online chat or contact software is indispensable.

Different situations, different designs

service design ux

Making a post-purchase service design is not the same as a pre-purchase. You have to be very clear about what we offer and to whom we are offering it:

Pre-purchase: above all, to improve the user experience aimed at getting leads and conversions.

Postcompra: the design of this type of services is aimed at the loyalty of our customers, who want to continue visiting and recommending us. All this, from the moment the lead makes the purchase until it receives the product.

They are not incompatible. As you can imagine, the ideal thing is to have a design for both services.

Things to keep in mind

We can not forget that our business is aimed at customers and, in the digital world, any Internet user can become one . We have to think that everything a user seeks or needs ... or analyze it.

Analysis for the design of services

Guessing is very good. Pray that everything goes well, too. we believe in our work. Therefore, we use various tools to improve the user experience and to design correctly the necessary services:

Hotjar: a very useful tool, with different payment plans and free, which allows to analyze, through recordings and heat maps, how users behave on our website and, if necessary, make changes to optimize the experience.

Google Analytics and Search Console: both from the Google giant, both free tools, provides relevant information that, when analyzed, becomes useful . From seeing where users enter (channels: social networks, organic, payment, etc ...) to which pages they visit, in addition to the time they remain in each one and which is why they leave.

SemRush: we've talked about this tool on other occasions. Being paid, it allows to know the level of optimization of a web page and to carry out audits (among other things) to correct faults, errors and warnings.

Posted on July 30, 2018 at 06:04 PM