5 Web Design and Development Blogs that will Interest You

In this Blog we are going to tell you which are the Blogs that, as good Web developers, you should not stop reading. These Blogs are often a source of inspiration for many of our Web designs, as well as a good source of information for us when it comes to being updated and to offer the latest trends and functionalities to our customers.

We already know that creating web pages that are easy to use for the user and with an attractive design is not easy, since there are always thousands of things to consider, as well as there are different user profiles that must be taken into account at the time of designing our UX (User Experience) and UI (Interface Experience). A part we will always find the problem that we never give up our Web, because there are always things that can be improved or changed. The more we learn from users and the way they navigate, the better we can do it.

That is why below we list some of the best Blogs so you are always up to date and can improve your work.

David Walsh

If what you like most about Web development is the part of programming and code, in this blog you can find great articles about CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, PhP, MySQL, etc.

Smashing Magazine:

This blog exists since 2008, and currently has more than one million followers on social networks, Smashing Magazines is one of the leaders in providing ideas and new designs to Web developers. Update your posts every two days, so you will always have information that interests you.

Line 25

This Blog was launched in 2009 and we can find ideas to improve our Web developments as well as tutorials for publications, as well as examples of nice and simple designs at the same time. This Pad is updated almost daily from Monday to Friday, so you will surely find tickets for the topics that most concern you.

Digital Telepathy

On this website you will find the best content to improve your content, your e-commerce or your mobile applications.

His most popular posts are those related to the User Experience UX, where you can see how to improve your UX on a Web page, on your mobile device or the latest UX news based on Virtual Reality.

You can browse categories such as design, inspiration, business, philosophy, products, productivity, etc.


In Design Mode you can find examples of icons, frameworks, or Wordpress Plugins that you can even find for free or buying in your store. It is an ideal page for both developers and designers, where you can find topics such as programming, tutorials or other design inspirations that are sure to interest you.

Posted on July 30, 2018 at 06:03 PM