User Research: Behind the scenes at Brompton

The main goal was to cover as many different user groups as we could. A common characteristic among Brompton owners is that they aren’t 'typical' cyclists, and all of US understand it’s dangerous to pretend we understand the ideas and natural behaviors of our users without noticing them correctly. So, we discussed to commuters, in addition to doing research in bike shops.

It was essential for all of us to cover as a lot of the global marketplace as we could as well. We did interviews with company stakeholders world-wide, including those from US, China, Taiwan, Holland and Italy to ensure that we considered ethnic differences, necessities and needs, by what means the bike was utilized in various cultures and by what method the brand was perceived.

Spending the time doing user research upfront was extremely significant, as with all our endeavors, and we used it to develop an electronic strategy predicated on realistic understandings and demands of users. We subsequently addressed the present discouragements and bookings that individuals had with the web site and brand.

The aforementioned penetrations were taken back to Webcredible HQ as well as the walls were smothered in post-it notes prepared for evaluation and recommendations. This was utilized as a basis for creating personas, which in turn assisted in developing a digital strategy. The procedure went a bit like this:

Guerrilla research is hard work, you must be well rested and clear headed in order to stop folks you don’t understand in the road, who actually do not need to speak to you. It is very difficult to document too, folks do not enjoy having a camera set in their faces, but if you do not record it then it is difficult to document. Thus, when you are striving to do lots of research in a brief number of time it is vital that you believe ways to record it. I wound up writing it down in a notepad. Next time, 2 individuals - one conversations, one takes notes.

Additionally, do not do what I did – I talked with a girl who was looking at thermal tops, she was a well-known celebrity and only needed to purchase some thermals and didn’t look influenced I didn’t understand who she was!

Thus, there it's – a fast lesson learnt on guerrilla testing and an summary of how to structure a user research project. If you’d like to learn more then we've got an excellent user research class run by our Head of Research, Isabel – and lots of occasions, so sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about them. !

Posted on April 28, 2015 at 06:22 PM